The Ultimate Guide for Father's day Celebration Ideas 2020

The Ultimate Guide for Father's day Celebration Ideas 2020

by Payal Chourasiya on May 25, 2020 Categories: Blog

Father's day is about to come and you must be thinking to plan something very special for your Father on this Father's Day. BTW, Father's day is celebrated on June 21, 2020. Your Father has done a lot of things for you from your school book to all your smart gadgets he brought all things for you. Ofcourse yes, you must have to do some struggle for getting these things from your dad.


He may have scolded you a lot but just to take you on the right path and this is just because of him that you are here living a good and your desired life. If he wouldn't be harsh at our studies, we would be struggling for money. That's just his push to work hard and achieve all those things which you want to achieve in your life. He just not want to let you live your life the same as he lived. Every father wishes the best for his children and dream accordingly.


Father's day is celebrated worldwide for the dedication of all fathers and Father figures. Father's day is a day for all the sacrifices made by fathers for their children's life and desires. So let's thank all the dads who have sacrificed their dreams for their children's wishes.


But what are you going do to this Father's day to celebrate this as a unique and amazing time of the year?

Still, thinking about it? Yup! You will find out a perfect plan for this father's day 2020. read this article till the end and you will be having a plan for father's day Celebration at the very end of this article.


In this article we will be going step by step to find out how are you going to celebrate this father's day.


  1. Plan your Father's Day Celebration.

  2. Most Amazing Things to do on Father's Day.

  3. The Ultimate Father's day gift ideas.

  4. Say Thanks to your Daddy with these tips.

  5. The Best Plans for Father's Day Celebration.


    Every step will help you to decide what all you need to do for this special day so let's start with making plans or your father's day.


    Planning For Father's day Celebration


    Planning for Father's day Celebration Ideas 2020 

    Planning is the most important aspect just try to find out what makes your dad happy with these ideas.


    • Think what makes your dad happy

    There are plenty of things but what is that special thing which makes your dad happy. Some dads like to spend time with his family, Few like playing games, and some have fond of eating special sweets. So, here you have to decide what makes your dad happy.

    Just pick up a pen and write all those things which you think your papa enjoy while doing that. Now select a few of them which you can arrange in the limited time according to Father's day date (21 June 2020)

    Try to be specific what makes your dad happy.


    • Find out your Dad's desire which he wants to complete but cause of less time he didn't

    Everyone has some desires in their life but not everyone can complete their desires may be because of less money or time. In order to earn money, they have sacrificed to work for their children or there may be plenty of things that force them and didn't let them complete their desires. 

    Now cause he has to sacrifice his desires and he still desires for that thing it's your job to let him complete.

    May be want to travel somewhere or there may be some dream places for him, You need to figure out his desires and then go ahead to complete them if you can.


    • Spend some time with your dad 

    Spend some time with your father or if you are far away from him just talk to him for a while and try to understand what things make him happy, What was his desires which remain pending, or maybe trying to find out what he wants from you.

    Spending time with him will make him happy too and even you will find out your idea for doing something which can make your dad happy for father's day plan.


    Things to do on Father's day


    Playing and Enjoying Kids for father's day celebration 2020


    Now Let's talk about Father's day celebration ideas, Once you have decided what your dad wants and your father's Interest now you can easily create and plan something which will give your daddy real happiness and with your plan he will get a wide smile on his face. Let's go through all those things which you can do to make your father happy,


    • Create a Photo slide of all the special memories with your Dad

    Now it's time to start planning something special which can give pleasure to your father. You must have some picture or maybe some videos of you and your family or dad's beautiful memories, Make all the memories comes in one place now create a collage or a video clip from all those beautiful memories to create more special memories for your dad.

    You can use some old photos from an old photo album like your dad's wedding album which can help you to make a heart touching video clip.


    • Cook something for your Father

    Everyone loves eating tasty and delicious food. What is your father's favourite food or dish? You must know this thing just cook something of his choice. It is said "the way to human heart goes from his stomach"

    So, If you want to make your dad happy from the depth of his heart cook something of his choice.


    • Order something delicious

    Everyone is not an expert in cooking and feels worried to cook?. If yes, you can order something delicious for your father like a delicious cake of his favorite flavour or maybe a sweet of his own choice.

    Delivering delicious things makes your work easy, so just order something Delicious to bliss your pop on father's day.


    • Plan a game night with Family

    Spending time with family is just love, but in this busy world there is only limited time left to spend with family. You may decide to play games and plan a game night with the whole family members for this Father's Day celebrations. 


    • Watch his favourite Movie

    Do you know your father's favourite movie? Do you know which movie he has watched last? When did he get time to watch a movie? 

    Father is always busy with earning and family so they have very little time left for themselves. So let's take some time for him from his busy schedule for watching his favourite movie or maybe a movie which he is planning to watch for a while.


    3. Father's Day Gift Ideas


    A girl thinking and choosing the best surprise to gif her father on father's day celebration


    You will be searching for something very amazing for your father it may be anything which bliss your daddy, In this article, I will show some amazing gift ideas to surprise your dad on this Father's Day. 


    •  Custom made cakes for Father's Day

    This will be the perfect gift for your father if he loves cakes, then what will be better than gifting cake for your dad on this father's day and Expressluv will help you in this fathers day, just look this Father's day special collection page and you will select some delicious cake flavours and special designs for father's day. This will be the perfect gift for your pops if you want to surprise your father with a custom made cake then you can just check this collection of Expressluv which has listed top custom made cakes for father's day and select one from them to gift your dad and surprise him.

    and If you have any query you can contact our customer support who is 24/7 available for your help.


    •  Health Care Machines

    In this age health is one of the most important wealth for every person so you can gift health machines like Blood Pressure Monitor or Glucose Monitor Machine for your father so that he will remain healthy and active.


    As you care about your father's health wishing him with our health care machine with a healthy future is the best gift you could ever gift to your father.


    • Super Dad Cupcakes


    If your father is a great lover of cupcakes this will be the best surprise gift for him you can give him a super dad cupcake with a custom design of super dad as "a dad is the superhero of your life" so gifting super dad cupcakes to your father will be the best option check out this page to gift delicious and amazing cupcakes to your daddy and surprise him with a lot of deliciousness on this father's day.


    •  A Photo Frame

    The photo frame is not just a frame it's a collection of your old beautiful memories so gifting your old beautiful memories and making it unforgettable will be the best gift idea.

    check out this page to have a look over all the collections of best photo frames in express love so you can gift the best to your father on this father's day.


    •  Custom Design Coffee Mug

    Most of the father's love to Drink Coffee or Tea during a day, you can gift your dad a coffee mug with your custom message like best father ever, world best daddy, rocking dad, etc. or if you want to add an image of you and your dad on the mug it can also happen in Expressluv. You can give your best to your pops on his father's day with the help of Expressluv.

    if you want to gift a mug with you and your dad's image or a custom text for your dad check out this page to book a mug now for your father. Expressluv is here to give the best services for you.


     3 Cool Ways to say thanks to your Father


    ather's day celebration 2020 gift ideas for son and daughter


    Your father has done a lot of things for you from your childhood to your teenage he has brought you school books, dresses, and your smartphone, gadgets, etc. just for your happiness now it's time to return him with the best surprises and gifts you can give to him on this father's day and say thanks to all those things he did for you.


    • Go outside for an experience


    Because your dad was busy earning he may not have experience and enjoy something so you have to get him outside and let them enjoy all those things which he has missed.


    •  Gift something Personalized


    Personalized gifts are attached with hearts as they are personal to human hearts so you can get something very personal to him like a personalized keychain or maybe a personalized photo frame, personalized mug, etc. 

    check out this special collection of personalized gifts from Expressluv and gift something very special to your father on father's day and make him blessed.


    •  Try a Surprise Event Party


    You can surprise your dad with a surprise party with a room decorated with full of balloons and custom made cake and some personalized gifts. You can arrange all these things with Expressluv help without any hustle.

    Expressluv is here to help you to plan the best surprise for your father on this father's day contacts our customer support for any queries.


    The Best plans for Father's Day


    Father's day surprise plans Ideas to work with great celebration ideas

    •  Musical Surprise

    You can surprise your dad with musical surprise offered by Expressluv A special package special designed for father's day. Check out this page to know more about this special father's day package.

    A special musical surprise with a guitar player and favourite songs.


    • Take him for lunch or dinner

    Go outside for a family lunch or dinner but if you are far away from him and want him for dinner or lunch, Expressluv is here to help you, you can book the Food Delivery package and we will take him for a lunch with safety and we will drop him to the house.



    • Balloon Decoration

    Surprise your father with a room full of balloons and adding his favourite music along with the delicious cake. This surprise may melt his heart and will give him a pleasure to enjoy the special day of father's day.


    I hope this guide helps you in searching for the upcoming Father's day plan and now you have decided what are you going to do on father's day and how are you going to surprise your dad on this father's day.


    If you need any help in planning Father's day you can contact our support team to select the best package.