17 Best New Year Gift Ideas For Husbands - Surprise your Husband

17 Best New Year Gift Ideas For Husbands - Surprise your Husband

by Payal Chourasiya on December 24, 2019 Categories: Blog

Everyone desires to celebrate special occasions with their special ones and for every couple, New year is the best day to express their feelings about each other and make your life partner feel special.

Are you struggling to select a perfect gift for your husband for this new year and confused between different and variety of different products and offers, Here are some best products with best offers and best-selected gifts and surprise for your husband to present this occasion.

If you are thinking to give a special surprise to your life partner, but confused about it. This will be the right article for you to read, Today we are focusing on the best new year gift ideas for husbands. We have shortlisted some top surprise and presents for this occasion for your husband and at the end of this article, we have listed some beautiful and lovely special surprises for your hubby this wonderful day and surprise them. So let’s start with the list of best new year surprise for husbands. 


BONUS: We have listed some bonus surprises which include some special surprise for this new year to gift your husband at the end of this article, You can order directly from here all the packages and products whatever you will select and without any delay.


List of Best New Year Gift Ideas for Husbands 

1. Husband Frame with Photos on Letter

A world's best husband photo fram with custom images for this new year

This is the best way to tell him how much you love him, Everyone is working on him to be the best. He is taking care of you to show his love and if you are thinking this time to show your love for him in this new year, This photo frame with the words saying "World's Best Husband" will be the best gift to show your love this is one of the best gift ideas for the partner and not only words you can use your custom images with this photo frame, Use images of your best memories you have made last year in this photo frame and give this beautiful "World's Best Husband Frame" with love to your hubby.

 Order this beautiful frame for your husband from HERE @ best prices.


2. Occasional Combo Gift

"Occasional Combo Gift" for new year gift for husband

    It's not like only girls love chocolates, boys also love chocolates. Well, it's a better way to ask yourself does he loves chocolates, If yes you should go with this beautiful combo of a lovely bouquet, a yummy cake and a basket full of chocolates. Make your 31st night crazy you can select a midnight delivery option too. This will be the best option for this new year night a cake will add a spark in your party, I will suggest if your husband is a fan of chocolates or cakes you should go with this delightful combo fo this new year gift ideas for your hubby.

     Order this beautiful and lovely Combo gift pack from HERE @ best Price


    3. Happy New Year Mug

    Happy New Year Mug for new year gift for husband

      This is the best gift idea for this Occasion you can give a beautiful mug with your custom image for this special day. Let your husband use your gifted new year mug with the image of your lovely memories of last time. A personalized mug it best to show your love, even when you see the image in the mug you will be thinking about that memory again which will make you smile and this memory will become everlasting for you.

       Order this lovely Happy new year mug with your custom image on it from HERE @ best prices


      4. Eight picture Wall Frame in 4x6 

      Eight picture Wall Frame in 4x6

        With new year let's make your old wonderful memories memorable and start making new memories, You should gift this lovely photo frame for this occasion with some of your best memories images, Celebrate this new year with some old and beautiful memories which will take a smile on your face. Your husband will be happy while watching these lovely images or pictures of some of your craziest memories. Give this stunning frame to your husband on this wonderful day gift. 

         Order this Beautiful Picture Wall Frame with some wonderful custom images from HERE @ Best Prices.


        5. I Love You Photo Frame

        I love You Photo Frame

          Show your love with this stunning photo frame with his name and images, Pictures are the best way to celebrate your New Year with your husband because it will make your beautiful memory fresh and unforgettable, Gift this nice photo frame with the name of your man and good memories images with the frame and express your love to your husband this new year.

           Order 'I Love You Photo Frame' for your husband HERE @ best price

          6. Bean bag and Chocolates (Combo)

            This is a combo of a Red bean bag with a basket of chocolates. If your husband loves chocolates and thinking to buy a bean bag this will be the perfect new year gift idea for your husband for this new year this is a premium quality bean bag with a different variety of Chocolates.

             Order Bean bag and Chocolate Combo HERE @ best Prices



            7. 6 Photo Wall Clock

            6 Photo Wall Clock

              This is a beautiful wall clock with 6 custom images with a stunning design, Use your custom images and use this wall clock for the new year gift ideas for your husband. 

               Order this beautiful 6 photo wall Clock with your custom excellent image HERE @ best price.


              8. Heart Pillow in Red

              Red Heart Pillow new year gift for husband

                This is a pillow with heart shape soft and beautiful red color pillow to give your life partner with a lot of love, Present this brilliant red color pillow to your husband one of the best new year gift ideas for husband. you can customize this pillow with your own image.

                 Order the soft and beautiful red color heart pillow from HERE @ Best Prices


                9. 6x8 12 Months Calendar

                6x8 12 Months Calendar

                  This new year gift a nice calendar to your companion with your custom image on it, The best part is you can add your custom image with this custom image try to add a wonderful image with you and your husband which is very close to the heart of your hubby, Use this beautiful calendar to express your love and start your new year.

                   Book this beautiful 12 months Calendar with custom image HERE @ best prices


                  10. Personalized Hexagonal Explosion box

                  Personalised Hexagonal Explosion box

                    This is a wonderful box to show all your feelings to your man with every part of the box you can express your all feelings to your husband with a nice and a lovely message. It is said that writing things is easier than saying to express feelings to someone. You can write everything with this beautiful box and show your feeling to your partner with a lovely message, Go ahead with this pretty and cute new year gift idea for your husband.

                     Order this beautiful personalized hexagonal Explosion box from HERE @ best prices and give your husband this new year with wonderful messages and you can add some images too for more personalized.


                    11. Marble Ganesha

                    " Marble Ganesha "

                      If your husband has a belief in god and starts everything with god this will be the best thing to gift to your hubby this new year. It is said that if you are starting something you should start it with the name of Ganesh Ji and you are going to start your new cycle with your partner this should start with a good thing isn't it. Gifting a beautiful marble Ganesh Ji will be the best idea for your husband on this day.

                       Order this premium Marble Ganesh from HERE @ best prices.


                       12. Dark Shiny Passport holder

                      Dark Shiny Passport holder new year gift for husband

                        Gift a beautiful passport holder to your husband on this special occasion, This one has card slots too, making it ideal for travel. Use this passport holder to give present to your companion, This will be a useful gift to your hubby in this new year.

                         Order This Shiny Passport holder from HERE @ best prices.


                        13. Bean Bag XXL Brown

                        Bean Bag XXL Brown

                          A bean bag will also be the best option to give your hubby. Gifting depends on your husband's choice and you know best, what will be the best thing to present your man you can give this brown bean bag which is very comfortable and fine quality, Go ahead with this beautiful gifts.

                           Order premium bean bag XXL Brown HERE @ Best prices to gift your husband this new year.

                           Now Coming with some special Surprises you can gift on this special occasion for your husband If you are getting bore from these simple ideas for this new year to give your hubby. bang on!! I have something very special and very different for this new time which can impress your partner. Hold on, I'm going to show you a list of a beautiful and special surprise for this special day to gift your husband.


                          14. Sky Lanterns with Printed Message

                          Sky Lanterns with Printed Message

                            Use this perfect new year gift ideas for your husband, But what this special surprise include? 

                            Let me tell you. This is a sky lantern and the best part is it is not only a simple sky lantern but it is a personalized lantern 


                            You can let us know the message or names to be written on Sky Lanterns and we will personalize it for you. The text will be printed on the Lantern.

                            You can get a discount from HERE for this new year Use this surprise and book now.

                            Use this package from HERE

                            15. Surprise Colorful Balloons Decoration

                            Surprise Colorful Ballons Decoration

                              This beautiful occasion give a very pleasing surprise to your man this will be the best new year gift idea for your husband to decorate a room from full of balloons and a bit decoration and spend your day with him and make your new year more special with this 

                              Surprise your Husband this new year with a roof full of colorful balloons for all special moments. The roof will be covered with two different colors of balloons as per your requirement. You can add on Happy New Year Banner with this Surprise, The event will be glorying special with full of balloons.

                               You can Book this Surprise from HERE @ best prices, Different offers are available for this new year, Have a look over the prices and different beautiful surprises for your husband to gift this new year. 


                              16. Lunch or Dinner Surprise - Premium

                              " Lunch or Dinner Surprise - Premium "

                                If you are away from your home and you and your husband are in a different location but instead you want to gift him something and want to surprise him, You can book this beautiful Surprise for your husband on this new year.

                                 Place your order for this package and our event manager will take care of rest. 

                                 * Our Event Manager will pickup recipients from their Home location in our vehicle to the best 3-star food spot in Hyderabad.

                                * Recipients will enjoy their Lunch or Dinner.

                                * Event Manager will capture Videos and Photographs at the venue.

                                * Surprise Cake Cutting and Celebrations at Restaurant

                                * Once the party is completed, our event manager will drop Recipients safely at home.

                                 Book this beautiful premium surprise HERE and enjoy your New year.


                                17. Special Photo Shoot Gift for Couple

                                Special Photo Shoot Gift for Couple

                                  You can gift this pretty surprise for your husband on this day, Go for a perfect photoshoot in Lakeside location and start making new memories from the first day of this year, Yes, it will we something different but will be something unique and happening. You can select this option. Below are the details about the special surprise package. This awsome surprise includes a beautiful and yummy heart-shaped cake too. Spend your day in lakeside and make memories.


                                  You can Gift Photo Shoot for Couple as a Gift on this New Year.

                                  In this package.

                                  •  Pick & Drop from Home to Event Location (Pickup & Drop within Hyderabad limits)
                                  •  Inclusive of Photographer charges for 3-4 hours at Event.
                                  •  Inclusive of Entry fees, taxes and other charges payable.
                                  • 1kg Heart Shape Cake for Couple.
                                  • Camera Model: Sony A7riii
                                  • Event locations will be Parks, Palace, Lake Sides only. 

                                  Book this beautiful package from HERE


                                    These were some of the beautiful and best New Year Gift Ideas for Husbands, you can select any of them. These new-age presents and surprises depend on your consequences and your husband's choices, Book best new year gift for your hubby.


                                    We have a huge collection of products for all occasions have a look over our collection which are at best prices and we offer midnight delivery too which can help you to surprise your loved ones at midnight too. Our Customer support is available for you 24/7.