10 Unique Ways to Surpirse a Girl on her Birthday

10 Unique Ways to Surpirse a Girl on her Birthday

by Payal Chourasiya on August 31, 2020 Categories: Blog

We know that girls and women all love to get surprised and if this surprise is specially planned for them then they are feel blessed So if you are a person who loves her girlfriend, wife, or sister, giving her a surprise on her birthday will be the best option to show her how much you love her. Apart from just throwing a simple party, you can give her some more unique surprises which can make her happy on her birthday, Throwing a grand party is a simple surprise you give her on her every birthday but doing something unique will make her day amazing with your love.


You can also surprise her with some small things to the entire day on her birthday to feel her special every moment of the day. Yes! I know you agree, but we know that some guys are terrible in giving surprises and if you are one from those guys, What can you do to give her a real and an amazing surprise which will make her happy. No worries we are here with some surprising ideas which will be good ideas to surprise even if you include from those peoples.


Which surprise was the best surprise you have given to a girl and the surprise which was also liked by that girl? Well, you must remember. If you are a person who has given surprises a lot of times, you may take this list as an inspiration if you are running out of ideas. 


Birthdays are very important for everyone and if you are talking about girls then for them birthdays are close to their heart they want something very precious on their birthday's and they want that every moment of their birthday should be memorable. And you are the only person who can make her birthday special weather, she is your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mom. They want something special on their birthdays.


Surprise her with Balloons

I think there are very few things which girls like the most and balloons come under these things, If you want to surprise her with something very special you can try a surprise of Helium balloons box delivery. This is a very interesting surprise offered by Expressluv in this unique surprise your loved girl will get a surprise box at the time when you want to surprise her (PS:- You can try this in Mid-night which will surprise her at midnight deliveries are more surprising and interesting.


Surprise Decoration


Well, no occasion can be completed without a beautiful decoration. Isn't it? Yes, so you can surprise her with a beautiful decoration on her birthday. Decorate it with rose petals as roses are loved by girls the most so it will impress her, Draw a heart with rose petals and no celebration can be completed without a cake. Order a delicious cake of heart shape or maybe her favorite flavor which will instantly make her happy and she will enjoy the sweetness and deliciousness of her favorite cake.

If you have less time or maybe you are not good at decorations you can book our surprise which can help you to Surprise her even if you have less time to manage everything. Expressluv will help you in giving this surprise you can check the package on this page.


Surprise her with Music

Not only girls almost everyone loves to listen to songs. There are very few peoples who didn't love music, Isn't it? Do you love to listen music? You can make the day special with a guitarist and your favorite songs and make the moment memorable with beautiful surprises and the whole day spent with unique and awesome surprises which will make that night amazing. You can also organize a cake of her favorite flavor with a rose bouquet that will increase the excitement of the celebration.

As with everyone's busy life, you can't organize everything in one day, and if you have less time to plan everything you can order this package from Expressluv.


Go for a Romantic Long Drive


You can plan a long drive to her favorite place which can make both of you spend most of the special day with each other and you can surprise her with her favorite bike or car for a long drive. Actually, most of the girls are obsessed with bikes and wanted to ride too. So, this would be a perfect surprise and also make her dreams come true.


Surprise with a Message on Sky Lantern

You can arrange lanterns with your personalized message for her including her name on the lantern will make her feel special. You can print a message that will express your feeling for her, but it should be personalized to make her day special. If you are looking for a place where you can print these lanterns with your personalized messages, you can contact us and know more here to make her birthday special.


Surprise in Car Diggi

This is a modern way of surprising someone, This surprise you can organize a car, and in the Diggi of car, you can plan decorations and cake for cutting that will make her special with this unique surprise on her birthday. We at Expressluv organize these kinds of Surprises you can check the Package here.


Wishes from Strangers

Everyone wants her birthday full of a lot of wishes, they enjoy it when someone wishes them on their birthday. You can talk to some of your friends for wishes and can tell them to convey a message from your side and if you want to surprise her in this way but can't arrange strangers for her you can check this package of Expressluv with the best services.


Pool Side Candle-Light Dinner

If you want to Pamper her with something very special that can make a beautiful memory for both of you and you can enjoy the day to the fullest then gifting a Pool Candle-Light Dinner will be the best option to surprise her. You can plan a surprise for her with her favorite meal and some beautiful candles to make the night beautiful.

For a Beautiful candle-light dinner you can check this package for your beloved birthday.


Surprise her with her favorite Celebrity


Do you know who is her favorite singer or actor? If not, you should figure out now and check our celebrity surprise packages. Her favorite celebrity will call her and yes this will be a video call from her side and he/she will wish her happy birthday on the call and a chat of 5 minutes between her and her favorite celebrity that will make her day special and this will become her favorite birthday. Just think how will you feel if one of your favorite celebrity will call you face to face and wish you a happy birthday? Well, this will an impressive moment for everyone and this will an amazing moment for her as well.


These were some very amazing and exciting ways to surprise her on her birthday. You can try these unique surprise ideas for your girlfriend or wife to make this birthday best for her. Hope you like these ways and have selected one from these surprise ideas to make her day special.