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Good Luck Plant

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Good Luck Plant
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In Asia, Lucky Bamboo plants are consider as a best gift to send on an special and subh occasion like wedding, House Warming etc.If there is a special occasion or may be a starting of a good work this gift is considered as the best to gift and say the person good luck for the rest of their life.

Send a beautiful Lucky Bamboo plant to your near and dear ones on this special occasion with Expressluv, Have any query contact us we are available 24/7 for your support.

Order should be placed atleast 12 business hours before the scheduled delivery time.

Delivery : Across all Major cities in India

Customer Instructions :

Any questions about the Product / Delivery / any query we're to assist you with the information. Please Whatsapp or Call our customer support team at +918790604818, Email is at

Note Since the product is transported from various regions and while delivering the product, due to packing and non availability of proper distilled water plant leaves will turn in to yellow color or some leaves may even gets dry as due to humidity.

How ever don’t worry on this. Use sharp, sterile scissors to remove the brown and yellow portions of leaves as these are dead and will not come back.

If the bamboo is planted in soil, remove it, rinse it thoroughly and place it in a vase of water rather than repotting. Avoid watering the plant with tap water, using room-temperature bottled water instead. Replace the water in the vase every seven to 10 days. Move the plant to a bright, draft-free area out of direct sunlight where the temperature will stay between 18 - 29 Centigrade. 
Water little quantity for every 7-10 days, don’t use salt water as it contains floride and chances of plant survival is less. 


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