Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you please explain in which services ExpressLuv is into?

A:   ExpressLuv is started with the vision to help our NRI’s to send their valuable and precious gifts to their Family and Friends within short time of the order placing and delivery without compromising on the quality. 

Q: Do I need to open an account with ExpressLuv to place orders?

A: We suggest our customers to open an account with us, it helps customers in placing orders, tracking order history and checking the order status. It also helps in availing discounts for our esteemed customers.

But it is NOT mandatory to create an account to use our website services; we have an option of Guest checkout for customers. 

Q: Are there any charges / hidden charges to create an account with ExpressLuv?

A: No, we don’t charge anything for creation of Account. Creation of ExpressLuv account is absolutely free. 

Q: How do I create an account?

A: Please visit ‘My Account’ option on the top right of

Q: I lost my account password, what are the next steps?

A: Visit “My Account” option on the top right of and choose forgotten password? option to recover your password.

 Still, if you aren’t able to use the new password or any Account related issues please contact our support team at

 ​​​​​Call or Whatsapp us at ​​+918790604818 or +919346353611. 

Q:   Type of items sold on

A: We sell Perishable and Non Perishable items on our website. 

Q: What are Perishable and Non Perishable items?

Perishable Items:

  • Cakes
  • Sweets
  • Chocolates
  • Dry Fruits
  • Ice Creams

 Non Perishable items:

  • Toys
  • Gift Items
  • SKY Lanterns
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Electronic Items

 Q:   In which regions does ExpressLuv deliver items?

A:      We deliver most of our products across India without charging anything for Delivery or Midnight Delivery.

  • Regular / Normal Cakes can be shipped across India
  • Fancy or Designer Cakes will be shipped in major cities.
  • Toys, Gift items, Dry Fruit packs can be shipped across India.

 For specific city related information please call or whatsapp us at :+918790604818.

Q: How much time it will take for ExpressLuv to ship the order on urgent basis?

A: We require atleast 12 hours to prepare, pack, ship and deliver your order.We expect our customers to place orders atleast 12 hours before the schedule delivery time.

 Custom Design cake orders to be placed atleast 24 hours before, prior to delivery timing.

Q:  Please confirm ExpressLuv delivery timings?

A: Our Delivery staff will be engaged with deliveries from 11 AM to Midnight 1 AM (i.e. 14 hours our delivery services will be ON)

 Q: Does ExpressLuv have customer support facility?

A : Yes, we have dedicated customer support team who are engaged in assisting our customers in all the ways related to order placing , account related and disputes with order.

Call / Whatsapp support : ​​​+​918790604818 
Availability : 24/7 Support

Q: When I create an account with ExpressLuv, does my personal information is secure?

A: We believe in protecting our customer data without passing / sharing to third party vendors. Our software doesn’t allow our team or employees to copy the data using any tools or techniques.

Our Company is awarded as ‘Trusted Commerce website’ by Trust wave and awarded with the seal to place on our website.

Q: What all the details of Recipient, I need to provide ExpressLuv to ship the order?

A: We need the following details of the Recipient to ship the order successfully.

  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient complete Address along with PIN Code and Land mark details.
  • Recipient Phone Numbers. 

Q: Do you have any Complimentary items for your customers?

A: Yes, we provide Greeting Card (as per Occasion), Knife for cutting Cake and Candles (as per Occasion) 

Q: How I will be notified about Order Status or Order Confirmation?

A: As soon as your order is placed on our website, an automated confirmation email will be sent to your registered email account.

Also you will be able to check the order status in your Account.

Alternately you may contact our support team at to assist you further.  

Q: I am looking for product, which is NOT shown on ExpressLuv website?

A: Please contact our support team at to ask for custom products. We will procure your favourite item and deliver to Recipient. 

Q: Please tell me within how many days prior (in advance) required to place an order with ExpressLuv?

A: We accept your orders up to 4PM IST for same day delivery. We request your please give us atleast 12 hours to prepare, pack, ship and deliver the order.

Example: You want us to deliver the product at Midnight 12 AM, we require you to place order atleast by 2PM on same day. 

Q: I need to know about order changes?

A: For any order related changes / modifications, please contact our support staff at

Q: Are all the items delivered as per the display?

A: Most of the items which we prepare and deliver look same as per website, but at times they might vary in Size and Shape due to climatic conditions or travel timing. Although most of the times we promise to deliver the exact product. 

Q: How I will be notified about the successful Delivery?

A: Once our delivery team delivers the gift at Recipient place, our team immediately inform our Operations team and a delivery photo will be emailed to you (purchaser)*

This feature is designed to make our customers happy showing the recipient happiness when receiving the order. 

Q: Does ExpressLuv deliver the perishable items to other regions except Hyderabad?

A: Please contact our support team at they will be able to assist depending on the situations and the location requested for. 

Q: Would like to know your vendors whom you procure items from?

A:   Perishable items are procured from our manufacturers who are top and reputed manufacturers in respective delivery regions. 

Q: In case if the recipient isn’t available at the time of delivery, then?

A: Our Delivery department will make single attempt only to deliver the gift, In case if the recipient isn’t available our team tries reaching the recipient on phone and as per recipient confirmation we will hand over the gift to neighbours or security staff at delivery place. 

Q : Few product prices are more than MRP?

A : Few products requires special handling and we include Shipping costs along with the item price. Item Price + Shipping Cost + Gift Wrap charges + Local Taxes = Item Cost. 
We don’t charge anything apart from this.

Q: How is ExpressLuv deliveries made?

   Perishable items - Are shipped by our own delivery team.

   Non Perishable items - Are shipped by our own delivery team or using partner courier channels.

The choice is decided by our shipping department at the time of shipping the item after calculating certain factors like delivery location and item. 

Q: Please share ExpressLuv return policies?

  • Perishable items: Perishable items cannot be returned, ExpressLuv doesn’t accept returns for these items.
  • Non – Perishable items: These set of items are accepted for return only if they are damaged during shipping / defective items. 

Q: Does ExpressLuv handle deliveries during Midnight? Any charges?

A: ExpressLuv accept Mid Night delivery orders, we deliver the order during Night also.

The order might be delivered +30 or -30 minutes from the delivery scheduled time due to variations in timing and traffic conditions.

All our Midnight deliveries are made FREE OF COST. 

Q: Is my Credit Card or banking payment details secure on ExpressLuv?

A: We don’t store your Credit Card information, as the payment is being processed by our trusted merchant partners from their payment websites approved by Visa and Master Companies.

Q : What is Video Call at Delivery ?

A:  When you choose this package, our team will reach the Recipient location and connect with our customer via Video Call and team will project your Colony, your Home and when we knock the door Recipient shall open the door and you can see the surprise in their eyes in Live.

Currently Video Call at Delivery is only available for orders within Hyderabad area only. As we are in the process of testing the project.

Any orders placed outside Hyderabad for Video Call at delivery shall be refunded back to customer.

Q: I need to contact senior management to report the escalation case?

A: ExpressLuv team allows our customers to contact management team directly at

If you need any support while using please contact us at