cares has tied up with "I" Foundation in helping one of the Orphanage at Boduppal, Hyderabad. 

Name of the Orphanage - Arya Anthalaya.

Location : Boduppal, Hyderabad

This Orphanage has the capacity of 21 Children, aims to provide them with Clothing, Grocery, Chappals, Blankets and delicious food on Special Occasions. will be donating 5% amount on profits to Orphanage development with the help of "I" Foundation to Orphanage, this amount will be spent in form of purchasing Grocery or Educational Purposes. also connect with Sponsors and encourage Sponsors to sponsor the needy items to Orphanage. Till date has arranged Sponsorship from 9 Sponsors and made the Orphanage to provide all facilities to Children. 

You can view all the pictures of our programs here at Facebook page: cares

To know about our activities carried in Orphanage please Call or Whatsapp us at +918790604818 or +919346353611 or email us at