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Navratri is one of the most beautifully celebrated Hindu festival, a festival of mostly 9 days that is celebrated with amazing decoration and pooja of Maa Durga. Wish a beautiful and successful future of your loved ones and gift them beautiful presents on this auspicious festival of Navratri Gifts Online in India. Let Maa Durga take all their worries and give them a lot of happiness. Send a sweet pack for your loved of starting a beautiful life ahead.

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Navratri is a great festival dedicated to the worship of Maa Durga, It's a nine-day festival, and all nine days the avatars of Maa Durga is worshiped with great joy and zeal. In Navratri full family worship Maa Durga together but if you are living away from your family and missing your loved ones while Navratri, No worries! you can easily send them Navratri Gifts Online in India with sweets and gifts so they can feel your presence there and enjoy your gifts for the Navratri celebration.


Peoples Exchange gifts, wishes, and sweets in this beautiful festival and pray for each other wellness. You can send Navratri gifts, greetings, and wishes to your family and loved ones while staying away from your loved ones as you are missing them they will also be missing you and will be praying for your wellness. We have selected the best quality gifts for you with which you can send wishes as only wishes will not impact that much if you will include a beautiful gift for your loved ones including sweets and blessings.

Origin Of Navratri

Navratri is a Hindu festival that lasts for nine days, yes, this festival is celebrated for nine days and all those nine days Goddess Durga is worshiped. Every year peoples celebrate Navratri with great zeal and a lot of enjoyment. On these days family worship together and wishes or each other's wellness from Maa Durga. This Festival is celebrated in different ways in all regions of India, In the south, it is celebrated differently and in other places, this festival is celebrated very differently. This festival is celebrated according to the Hindu Calendar and celebrated every year.

In Kolkata, Durga pooja is more popular and this festival is celebrated with a mass even gathering. In these nine days, the nine avatars of Durga Maa are worshiped and this is celebrated on the victory of Dharma over Adharma. Maa Durga is worshiped in different forms and considered as the goddess of Sakhti and divinity. 

Each Day a Different Avatar of Maa Durga is worshiped. The list of all avatars 

  • Day 1: Shailaputri
  • Day 2: Brahmacharini
  • Day 3: Chandraghanta
  • Day 4: Kushmanda
  • Day 5: Skandmata
  • Day 6: Katyayani
  • Day 7: Kalaratri 
  • Day 8: Mahagauri
  • Day 9: Sidhidatri

These are the nine days and the significance of each day.

In Navratri, peoples used to send wishes to their relatives or family members and friends via a phone call or a message, but nowadays peoples like to send sweets and other gifts to this beautiful festival of Navratri. They send Navratri gifts for their relatives with the wishes for their wellness and successful future ahead.

If you are also planning to send wishes to your loved ones with beautiful gifts on this amazing occasion os Navratri, then this article is definitely is for you. I will list some best Navratri gift ideas for your loved ones to send them in this Navratri 2020.

  • Maa Durga Idol

Gifting a Maa Durga Idol on this Occasion will be best as it shows your emotions for the recipient. Send a Durga Maa Idol means you want that Durga maa remain with their side always and want the wellness of his and their loved ones.

  • Indian Sweets

What are your thoughts about Indian Sweets Yummy, Isn't it? ;) Well, the deliciousness can include happiness in anyone's life easily within minutes. Sweets are meant for the new beginning as it is said to start with something sweet and it is also said that if you are going for good work a sweet thing will help you for goodness.

  • Combo of Sweets and Dry fruits

What about a Dry fruit and Sweet Combo? Best one if you are going to send gifts to the one who is very close to you and your family. This is the best gift for every person who is close to your heart you can also include a Maa Durga Idol with this combo.

  • Dry fruits

Not all relatives are close but some are not that much close to the family but you can't miss them to send wishes for those relatives you can send a Dry fruit basket or bag if you will go to websites online you will find a variety of dry fruits combo including almonds and chew nuts etc. You can explore and send it to them.

  • Candles and Diyas

Enlighten your loved one's house with a gift sent by you and make their day lightened with Candles and Diyas. You can also prefer sending candles and Diyas for your loved ones which are considered as the best Navratri Gift.

This was some of the best gifts for Navratri there are very few gifts you can send to your loved ones for Navratri wishes but what matters is your emotions so whatever you are sending your emotions are on the top, your gifts will express your emotions for your loved ones. Gifts are meant to send wishes to your friends, relatives, or family members.

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