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Everyone knows the meaning of Valentine's Day. Right! If not, then this is the day on which lovers express feelings of love for one another. All wait for this day very much. Isn't it? Are you also the one who eagerly waits for valentine's day. It is said, the beginning of some special day should be done with sweets. You can celebrate this day by ordering valentine cakes online with your lover.

You can order valentine's cakes online. Expressluv helps in delivering your order to your lover. But, you are in confusion about which cake would be best for ordering. Don't get confused, as various types of cakes are there on Expressluv.

Here are some of the best options of cakes to order valentine's cakes online. Do you want to know about them? Let's peep into the world of valentines cakes.

Red velvet heart shape cake, India

You can order these valentine's cakes online for your lover. It will prove the best and erotic surprise gift to order for your lover. The cake is in heart shape and on the cake, your lover's name is written which will make your lover jump with joy. Not just in heart shape, but also red in colour. Just imagine!

Teddies love cake, India

Want that type of cake on which some decoration is done? Like flowers, teddies, etc. If yes, then this cake can be ordered, as the cake is in white and red colour which are loved by lovers, and teddies are drawn on the cake hugging each other.

Personalized chocolate cake, USA

Now, this cake is something which you can order valentine cakes online for your lover. When your lover sees his/her name on the cake, it will surely leave your lover speechless. This cake can be sent to the USA as a surprise gift to your lover.

Chocolate truffle lava cakes, USA

This is the cake I strongly recommend for you to order valentine's cakes online for your lover. Chocolate acts as an important part of life for many people. So, if your lover is fond of chocolate then this is the best surprise gift to order.

Lemon cake, Canada

Yummy! Decorated with white colour and on top lemons are fixed. The decoration of this cake is so overwhelming that you can't stop yourself from ordering this cake as a surprise gift for your lover on the day of love.

Red velvet and black Forest mix heart cake

Splendid! Combo of red velvet and black forest, great enough! Just imagine the taste of the cake, it will be so tasty. If you order this cake for your lover, he/she will definitely jump with happiness. As both flavours are so authentic and yummy.

Fresh fruit cheesecake, Canada

Now, this is something which can be proven out of the world. If your lover loves fruits, then this cake can be a perfect gift for your lover on valentine's day. The upper layer of the cake is fully decorated with fruits.

Love shaped flower cake

The heart is the symbol of love, and if the cake's shape is in the heart then it will make your lover's day more special. The cake is fully decorated with red flowers, on the heart-shaped cakes. Loving! Heart-shaped things are loved by girls, so this cake would act as a perfect gift for your girl lover.

Hopefully, these suggested cakes are loved by you. You can choose any one cake and order for your lover on Valentine's day. Not only in India but also in the USA and Canada you can order valentine's cakes online. Enjoy the day of love with sweetness!

Cakes are things that are not rejected by anyone. And the decoration of these cakes is eye-catching which will leave your lover happy and speechless. If you want to feel this moment, then choose wisely which cake to order. Don't think about the price of the cake, just think about the emotions of your lover. Pick that cake that can steal your lover's heart, and help your lover feel your presence around him/her.

Don't just simply let go of this day, do something exotic and different for your lover.

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