5 Best Happy Birthday Cartoon Cake Designs for Kids

5 Best Happy Birthday Cartoon Cake Designs for Kids

by toofour Marketings on September 12, 2022 Categories: News

Kids love cakes and when it's their own birthday cake they become over excited for their own birthday cake. Kids always expect something extraordinary from their parents even on their birthday they want a special birthday surprise from their parents and their loved ones. As adults we don’t feel that excitement for our birthdays as children do. And It became our responsibility to make kids' birthdays special and give them something they are expecting for.

Cartoons are kid’s first love and cakes too, what if we make a thing that is a combination of both? Happy Birthday Cartoon Cake for kids. Yes, it sounds cool right? Gifting a cartoon birthday cake to your lovely kids can make them super happy on their special occasion of their birthday. You can make their day special by giving them a simple birthday cake. But which one cartoon cake is made for your kid? Thinking about it. Don’t worry, in this article I will be mentioning 10 best happy birthday cartoon cake designs for your kids so you can easily pick one for your kid and make their day special with his/her favorite cartoon character.

Before going deep into this, do you know which one is your kid’s favorite cartoon character? He may watch multiple cartoons but they should have that one favorite cartoon character, that’s a superhero for him and is unbeatable. You know, kids have a different kind of crush on these special cartoon characters. If your kid loves a cartoon character that is not mentioned in the link below, no worries still you can contact our customer support and tell them to make a custom cartoon cake, they guys are super supportive to help you with your kid’s birthday surprise planning. 

Best Happy Birthday Cartoon Cake Designs for Kids

  1. Minion Cake

Minions are becoming very popular between kids because of their funny nature. If your kid is a fan of minions too then this simple minion cake is perfect for your child’s birthday. Let him/her enjoy this birthday with this super cute and delicious minion cake. If you need the delivery of this delicious minion cake at your doorsteps within India, then you can place your order today with Expressluv here and enjoy the fast delivery.

  1. Barbie Doll Cake

Talking about a kid's cake without a barbie doll, not possible right? Well Barbie dolls have a special place in every girl’s heart. They are pretty and gorgeous, they are wise and smart. Every girl wanna be a barbie doll from her childhood and wants everyone to treat her like a doll. Even in childhood everything impacts more when it’s talking about influencers. If your girl has a special place for Barbie too, then gifting her a beautiful delicious barbie doll cake is the best thing you can do for her birthday. You can place an order for this delicious barbie doll cake from Expressluv here and get this delicious barbie doll cake to your doorsteps.

  1. Pub-G Cake

Pub-G has another level of influence within children, they live in the pub-g world even while they are not playing it. Some kids love pub-g more than anything, their most of the time spent in playing pub-g. If your kid is also a pub-g lover then you must need to gift him/her a pub-g cake and the best part is you can get the delivery of pub-g cake from Expressluv at best prices and get the delivery within 1-2 days. Place order for Pub-G cake from here 

  1. Animal Design Cake

Do you think cartoons are the only one thing that excites kids nowadays? Actually animals excite them too, similar to cartoons, they have their own favorite animals too. When looking for a best birthday cake for your kid rather than choosing a cartoon cake, you can choose a special animal cake also named as zoo cakes. Where you can easily make them happy with multiple animals in a single cake. 

  1. 3 Tier Cake Star Cake

This star cake is a 3 tier cake with a colorful theme, you know colors are the exciting part of the cake for kids, when they see a multi color cake in front of them on the special occasion of their birthday then there is nothing that can excite them more than a colorful 3 tier cake. If you have given them a cartoon cake multiple times then this 3 tier cake should be a best option for your kid;s next birthday. You can place an order for this beautiful and delicious cake HERE.


Selection to any one of the above cake options can be good for your kid’s birthday but the first thing you will need to know is about your kid’s choice. Which will be the best birthday gift for him. Which one from the above cartoon characters is his best choice. Do you know about his favorite cartoon character? Is it any one from the above list? If Yes, then you can go ahead and place order on Expressluv platform to get it deliver on your kid’s birthday at your doorsteps. If you didn’t find it in the above list then you can contact our customer support support@expressluv.com and send the details of your custom cake. Our team will deliver the exact same cake you wish to have in your kid’s birthday, Cool, right? Well, Yes our support is so supportive to help you with it, just let them know.