35 Cute Valentines Day gifts for Her to Make your Valentine Special

35 Cute Valentines Day gifts for Her to Make your Valentine Special

by Payal Chourasiya on January 21, 2020 Categories: Blog
Valentine's day is coming and the first thing to think about it is gift ideas everyone wants to make his/her valentine's day special and gift a cute or precious Valentine's day gift for her.
If you are thinking to gift a cute and pretty gift to your girlfriend or wife you may like this cute valentines day gift ideas for making your day more special, We have listed some perfect personalized gifts and some event surprises which will help you to make your valentines day more beautiful, precious and memorable.
Valentine's day is a day of lovers, On every valentine's day lovers Express their feelings to each other. We at Expressluv help lovers to express their love to each other by sending gifts online if they are away from each other, We offer many types of surprise events to plan for every occasion, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentin's day, new year and many more.
In this cute valentine's day gift ideas list we have listed our best valentine's day combo gift items and best-selling combos you can select them and order them now with the best prices.
For this Valentine's day, we have listed some really cute gift ideas for her to make her Valentine's day more special, precious and memorable.
Let's start with the list 

1. Red Colored teddy bear

Teddy Bear Red 110cm
Teddy bears are favorite for almost every girl, No girl can say no for teddy bears, this beautiful teddy bear can make a beautiful smile on your girl's face, you can prefer this pretty teddy bear for best valentine's day gift for her.
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2. Classy Combo Gift

Classy Combo Gift
This Classy combo valentines day gift could be the best gift idea for this valentines day, This is a combo of 4 products including a red roses bouquet, a black forest cake, a beautiful pink color teddy bear and 16pc Ferrero, You can gift this cute valentines day gift for this valentines day to your girlfriend.
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3. Chocolates Ferrero Rocher 24 pcs, Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs, Roses Bunch with Basket

Choclates Ferrero Rocher 24 pc, Ferrero Rocher 16 pc, Roses Bunch with Basket
Yeah if your girl likes chocolate and roses this could be the cutest gift for her, Well every girl loves roses and chocolates, gift this perfect cute basket of beautiful red color roses and yummy chocolates. This is one of my favorite products in this list of cute Valentine's day gift for her.
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4. Red Roses Huge Bouquet

Red Roses Huge Bouquet
This product id for a girl who loves red roses, Gift this beautiful huge red roses bouquet to her, Roses are the best thing to gift someone on Valentine's day it shows love and emotions. Order this beautiful cute red roses bouquet, This is a huge bouquet full of red color roses. Gift this bouquet to her cause it is very cute valentines day gift ideas.
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5. Couple Mug

Couple Mug
Do you have some beautiful memories with her? Of course, you do have but if they are captured in your camera as an image this is going to be the best present which will make your that beautiful and cute memory unforgettable you can gift this cute couple mug for your girlfriend or wife with your custom image. Gift this cute valentine's day gift to her with your memorable day image on the mug.
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6. Love Surprise

Love Surprise
This is a perfect gift for a girl who loves cakes this is a combo gift of 3 cakes with the heart-shaped cake of Love you, Kiss me and Be Mine. This is a cute valentines day gift which we will refer you for this valentine's day gift.
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7. Red Heart Pillow

Heart Pillow in Red
You can gift this beautiful red heart pillow to her with a beautiful memory or a pretty picture of your own. This will be best and a cute valentine gift for her.
Order this cute heart pillow gift for her with your image from here.

8. I Love You Cup Cakes

Love you Cup Cakes
This is a cute valentine's day gift for her you can change the name and tell her how much you love her with this pretty and cute cupcakes with a message "I Love You so much". If you want to gift this beautiful cupcake to your special person this Valentine's day we can help you with your custom message on the cupcake click here.

9. Fill Room with Teddies

Fill Room with Teddies
Teddies are the first love of every girl and a room full of teddies is like a dream for almost every girl if your special person also loves teddies this will be the best surprise gift for this Valentine's day to gift her on this valentines day. This is a whole group of teddies we will deliver to the door.
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10. Cute Love

Cute Love
Heart-shaped cake, a teddy bear and a red-colored roses bouquet are the best combo gift to surprise your beautiful girlfriend or wife, You can order or select this beautiful combo of three which can make her smile.
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11. Celebration of Love

Celebration of Love
red roses, a pretty cute teddy bear and a cake these are the things which can make your valentine's day special you can order this cute valentine's day combo from here.

12. Basket of Chocos

Basket of Chocos
Some girls just love chocolates and chocolates are the first love for them. If your girl loves chocolates most you can gift this for her on this valentines day, This is a yummy gift with a basket full of chocolates which can make hr smile with this lot of chocolates.
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13. Best Surprise for your partner

Best Surprise for your Partner
This is a cute idea to surprise your love on this valentine's day
  • Room decoration with Balloons and LED tea Candles
  • 50 Balloons taped to the ceiling with ribbons
  • “I love you” written with tea light candles, a big heart and a small heart made of candles and flowers
  • Entry Path from room entrance to Room with candles and rose petals
  • 1 Kg heart shape Butterscotch Cake
  • 10 Red roses Flower Bouquet
  • 2 Party Poppers
  • Delicious Sweetbox
    For more details about the package click here and look over the details this is best valentine's day idea to surprise her on this valentine's day.

    14. 40 Dairy Milk Chocolate Bouquet

    40 Dairy Milk Chocolate Bouquet
    Chocolates and roses which can make any girl smile and if the chocolate is dairy milk it can make your loved one more happy after looking at the gift, You can gift this cute red roses bouquet with 40 dairy milk on this valentine's day to her.
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    15. Personalized Chocolates

    Chocolate Bar - Personalized
    This is a personalized chocolate with custom image and message, you can customize a chocolate with a beautiful image of her and a well written personal message on the cover of chocolate and gift her this valentine, You can use any image whether her single image, your image or maybe both of your image which will give a personal touch on this special valentine's day and make your day more special.
    Customize your chocolate from here.

    16. Chocolates with Mini Teddy

    Chocolates with Mini Teddy
    If she loves teddy and chocolates, this could be the best gift for her, you can gift this cute combo gift to her on this valentine's day with a white-colored mini teddy bear and a basket full of chocolates.
    Order this cute combo from here.

    16. Huge Teddy Bear

    Hug Teddy Bear
    these are two hugging teddy bear, a symbol of love gift this beautiful cute hugging teddy bear on this valentine's day.
    Order this cute hugging teddy bears online with our free delivery services from here.

    17. Teddy, Ferrero, and Icecream

    Teddy, Ferrero and Icecream
    We have listed the best combos and gifts in this valentine's day gifts list and this combo is one of the best combos for this valentine's day gift you can gift her. This is a combo of the teddy bear, Ice cream and a pack of Ferrero Chocolate.
    Book this cute valentine's day combo from here.

    18 Combo of Flowers, Ferrero, and Teddy

    Combo of Flowers, Ferrero and Teddy
    You can gift this cute combo for valentine's day. This is a cute combo of 3 with a beautiful teddy bear, Ferror chocolate and flowers. 
    Order this beautiful valentine's day combo from here.

    19 Teddy, Chocolate Set, and Lucky PlantTeddy, Chocolate Set and Lucky Plant

    If your girlfriend or wife believes in lucky plants and love chocolates and teddys this could be the best combo for her on this valentines day gift.
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    20. Heart Shape Roses Basket, Teddy and Choco box

    Heart Shape Roses Basket, Teddy and Choco box
    A cute heart-shaped basket fills with chocolates, teddys and red-colored roses which can make her smile and this will make your valentine's day more special.
    Order this cute red roses basket online from here.

    21. Combo of Mug, Ferrero Rocher and Mini Teddy

    Combo of Mug, Ferrero Rocher and Mini Teddy

    This is the best combo I will refer for this valentine's day gift, a beautiful white colored mug with your custom image, pack o Ferrero rocher chocolates and a mini teddy bear.
    Order this beautiful combo pack for this valentine's day to gift her click here

    22. Combo Of 1 kg butterscotch cake with Red Roses and 35 cms Teddy

    Combo Of 1 kg butterscotch cake with Red Roses and 35 cms Teddy

    Let's have another best combo for this valentine's day we have a cute valentine's day combo with a teddy bear, a red roses bouquet and a cake. You can order this cute valentine's day combo gift for her from here.

    23. Ferrero Rocher 24 pcs, Roses Bunch, Teddy Toy

    Ferrero Rocher 24 pc, Roses Bunch, Teddy Toy

    perfect combo for Valentine's day to gift her, This is a combo of a red and white colored teddy bear, a 24 pcs of chocolates and beautiful flowers bouquet to gift her.
    orde this cute valentine's day combo gift for her from here.

    24. Heart Cake, Teddy Toy, Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs, Roses Basket

    Heart Cake, Teddy Toy, Ferrero Rocher 16 pc, Roses Basket

    Gift this beautiful combo of 4 with beautiful red-colored teddies, a basket full of flowers, a delicious red-colored heart-shaped cake, and chocolates.
    Order these cute gifts for her from here and git her on this valentine's day.

    25. Gift for your Love a Rich Combo

    Gift for your Love a Rich Combo

    this combo includes a pair of the teddy bear, a delicious cake, a basket full of flowers and a chocolate pack, which will make her feel special. Express your love with this special combo on this valentine's day.
    Orde this perfect valentine combo for her from here.

    26. Basket Bouquet with Teddies

    Basket Bouquet with Teddies

    Do you want to surprise her from a beautiful basket of flowers, teddies and a message with the basket with a card? If yes, then here it is you can surprise your girlfriend/wife with this beautiful basket of flowers with two yellow-colored teddies and a message card with basket.
    Order this beautiful package from here.

    27. Heart Shape Toy Bouquet

    Heart Shape Toy Bouquet

    this is a beautiful bouquet of roses with a cute white colored teddy bear in the middle of bouquet holding a cute little red-colored heart. This shows your love for her. Gift this beautiful lovely gift for this valentine for her.
    Order it from here online.

    28. Surprise for Love

    Surprise for Love

    A very special service to thrill and surprise your Valentine in this valentine's day
    In this package we shall surprise the recipient with following :
    * 1 Kg romantic cake for proposal.
    * 75-100 Red heart shape balloons were blown and well decorated at your preferred place
    * 3 Party Poppers (Rose Petals)
    * 5 Sky Lanterns
    * Roses Bunch Bouquet
    * 1 Dairy Milk Chocolate
    * Delicious Sweetbox 
    * Personalized Face mask (Yours or Recipients)
    you can customize this package for the valentine's day as per your own preference from here.

    29. Propose your Love Theme

    Propose your Love theme

    Propose your Love with your Partner with this beautiful Decor.
    Decoration can be made at Home / Hotel / Resort.
    This package consists of below in the list
    • A room filled with Colorful Heart shape balloons (Qty -50)
    • 1 Kg Heart Shape Cake for the couple with love Proposal message.
    • Beautifully arranged Rose flowers, Bouquet.
    • I Love you Foil Balloons placed to the wall
    • Series of colorful Lighting
    • A couple of Heart shape Soft Pillows
    • Delicious Chocolate Gift Pack

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    30. Explosion Box surprise your Love

    Explosion Box surprise your Love

    This is a cute Explosion box with your custom message and images, use your own image to gift this beautiful Explosion box to your loved one on this Valentine's day gift.
    Gift this Explosion box for your Valentine from here


    31. room Filled with Balloons

    Room Filled with Balloons

    This is a cute package by Expressluv which offers a room filled with balloons. The team will decorate the full room with two types of balloons.
    You can customize this package with different products too as per your preference, Click here for more details.

    32. Sky Lanterns - Large

    Sky Lanterns - Large

    This is a set of beautiful sky lanterns, you can order this which can make your Valentine's day more special and rememberable
    Set of 10 Pieces (Red, White, Yellow, Blue, and Green) 
    Order will be packed in multiple color Lanterns depending on color availability. Check here for more details.


    33. Surprise Colorful Balloons Decoration

     Surprise Colorful Ballons Decoration
    Surprise your loved ones with a roof full of colorful balloons for all special moments. Surprising your Girl with this beautiful surprise will be the best valentine gift for her.
    The roof will be covered with two different color balloons as per your requirement.
    You can add on some more items with the balloon decorations customize package from here.
    The event will be a glorying special full of balloons.


    34. His n Her's Mug

    His n Her's Mug

     This could be the best gift for this valentine's day gift you can customize these two mugs with your name, Go ahead with this two pretty and cute his and her mug with your names on it.
    Customize the product from here.

    35. Cute n True Love

    Cute n True Love

    These two beautiful t-shirts with the cute little text if "I'm His and He's mine" will be a perfect gift for your girl, It will make her smile and these two t-shirts will show your love for each other.

    Click here for offers on this.



    These were some of the best Combo, Surprises, and Gifts you can give her on this beautiful Valentine's day. You can customize some of the products with your image and name, We have listed many products now it depends on you what will be the right fit for this valentine's day to gift her.


    We are here to help you, We have a best 24/7 Customer support which will guide you to buy a perfect gift for your valentine on this valentine day, If you need anything to customize and personalized according to you contact our customer support Whatsapp No. +918790604818